Life By

Flò’s world is constantly evolving. We are a team of seven green-fingered garden aficionados who enjoy working hard every day to create unique experiences for the customers who visit us.

Flò takes its social commitments seriously too by organising ecological bike deliveries and using fresh and seasonal flowers from local nurseries. Flò also works together with the local authorities to regenerate neglected public areas and organizes workshops focused on the benefits, uses and care of plants and flowers.

Our recent change of home also means we have more space to dedicate to other artistic areas. So, we now have a refined collection of vintage furniture and objects carefully selected by Francesco Dal Bo as well as the creations of the artist Roberto Dapoto that inspire us to create a sense of refined harmony in all our projects.

And our activities don’t stop there! Flò also finds the time to take part in important events like the Milano Design Week and Maison&Objet. It also has a special place reserved every year at FloraCult in Rome.

The world of Flò was begun by Annalisa’s creative and pioneering spirit that sewed the seed of natural beauty and is now harvesting its fruit with the help of her team who, like her, are extremely sensitive to new lifestyles.