In Bologna, in the year 2000, Annalisa Lo Porto decided to dedicate her life to creativity by combining her love of nature with her love of art. This is how Flò began.

conosci flo' (2).jpg

Much more than just a florist’s, her idea was to translate different feelings, emotions and moods into flower arrangements. And now this simple idea has become an entire universe. Initially, growing two children, Lorenzo and Leonardo, while her husband, Francesco, involved in the fashion sector, Annalisa began her research in a small 50m2 workshop below her home.

Perfecting bouquets, creating her famous gift and hat boxes. Designing home and tableware in blown glass and stoneware, constructing sets and layouts for corporate and private events and weddings. Decorating interiors and terraces with furniture, plants and flowers… all these things are part of the universe Annalisa has created.

Inevitably, the desire to fill her home with the beauty and harmony of flowers has affected Annalisa’s entire family. So now Flò also benefits from Francesco’s fashion eye and refined taste and the different experiences of her two children who have grown up with Flò: Lorenzo, an acclaimed international cuisine chef and Leonardo who is pursuing a career in the world of cinema.

Flò’s 5 “F” Universe: Flowers, Fashion, Food, Films and Fun.

In time, Flò family has grown too, five inspired team members have joined and the original workshop became too small.

Today, Flò is based in a 400 m2 location, where it can fully express to friends and customers the poem it has spent so long creating: an explosion of greenery, flowers, materials, colours and furniture.

 In via Saragozza number 23, any customer can enter Flo’ universe and find a project that is tailormade to their particular needs. This large and spacious garden is the perfect setting to inspire Flò’s hardworking team who see people in this context where they are free to express their innermost desires. The aim is as Annalisa has always said, “we want everyone who comes to Flò, leaves with a unique experience.”