In Bologna, in the year 2000, Annalisa Lo Porto decided to dedicate her life to creativity by combining her love of nature with her love of art. This is how Flò began.

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Much more than just a florist’s, her idea was to translate different feelings, emotions and moods into flower arrangements. And now this simple idea has become an entire universe. Initially, growing two children, Lorenzo and Leonardo, while her husband, Francesco, involved in the fashion sector, Annalisa began her research in a small 50m2 workshop below her home.

Perfecting bouquets, creating her famous gift and hat boxes. Designing home and tableware in blown glass and stoneware, constructing sets and layouts for corporate and private events and weddings. Decorating interiors and terraces with furniture, plants and flowers… all these things are part of the universe Annalisa has created.

Inevitably, the desire to fill her home with the beauty and harmony of flowers has affected Annalisa’s entire family. So now Flò also benefits from Francesco’s fashion eye and refined taste and the different experiences of her two children who have grown up with Flò: Lorenzo, an acclaimed international cuisine chef and Leonardo who is pursuing a career in the world of cinema.

Flò’s 5 “F” Universe: Flowers, Fashion, Food, Films and Fun.

In time, Flò family has grown too, five inspired team members have joined and the original workshop became too small.

Today, Flò is based in a 400 m2 location, where it can fully express to friends and customers the poem it has spent so long creating: an explosion of greenery, flowers, materials, colours and furniture.

 In via Saragozza number 23, any customer can enter Flo’ universe and find a project that is tailormade to their particular needs. This large and spacious garden is the perfect setting to inspire Flò’s hardworking team who see people in this context where they are free to express their innermost desires. The aim is as Annalisa has always said, “we want everyone who comes to Flò, leaves with a unique experience.”



A byword for hospitality, intimacy and nature, greenhouses have always inspired Flò.

The first greenhouse project was conceived in 2007 as an intimate location for welcoming customers and their ideas and desires.

Flò’s Vintage Greenhouses are an expression of our playful philosophy: an evocation of personal memories and rural traditions.

Flò Vintage Greenhouses are made to measure by expert craftsmen in line with a careful design process that regenerates original materials without losing any of their charm. The new structures can then be used for public or corporate displays, at weddings or as extensions to private homes.


A house with outdoor space is worth its weight in gold, and when Flò is involved, it becomes positively  heavenly!

A team combining expert botanists, an architect-landscape designer and an eclectic artist is ready to match the beauty of nature to your particular space, style, soil and weather conditions.

Fine and rare plants selected by our trusted, long-standing suppliers in Italy and abroad will transform your outdoor area into the place you’ve always wanted it to be.

Carefully chosen pots and furniture will also help create a relaxing environment that is ideal for taking it easy and having fun with friends.

Our continuous research into rare and unique plants has led to Flò’s involvement in numerous large-scale projects.

So, whatever size your dream is, Flò is ready to make it happen and keep it alive!


Flò’s first experience with interior design was Casa Flo’.

This project involved totally renovating a 19th century apartment in the historical centre of Bologna in order to create a single space where domestic and professional life experiences could be enjoyed together. Over the years this original combination has played a key role in Flò’s success.

Designed by Francesco Dal Bo, an interior designer, eclectic researcher, provocateur and radical member of the No Logo movement, the furniture and decor of Casa Flo’ combine to create a paronomasia of signs and emotions with a refined sensorial harmony.

Thanks to Annalisa’s creative sensibility, flowers, plants and nature embrace the environment spontaneously too.

Casa Flo’ has frequently been used as a set for photo shoots by important publications such as Elle Decor UK and Japan; Marie Claire France; Maison Navidad, Spain; Schoner Wohnen, Germany; “D” la Repubblica and Gardenia, Italy. It has also been used as a location for successful TV commercials.

In 2017, at Flò’s new premises, Annalisa and Francesco decided to open to the public their art of lifestyle design for private, professional and public spaces.

Flò follows each customer extremely closely, adding its own touch of style to every environment and request, from small furnishings and fittings to large, complex designs.


No other art form is as present in our everyday lives as fashion and Flò has always played an important role in this fascinating world.

In 2010 we began working with White, the largest fashion event in Milan, helping to create the style and mood of its different editions and collections.

We have also decorated catwalks for important designers, such as Antonio Marras, created photo shoot sets for Vogue, set up installations like Massimo Alba’s Secret Garden in Milan’s magical “Orto Botanico” and provided flower arrangements for showrooms and stores, such as Hermès and Max Mara.

Thanks to her expressive flair and innate sense of composition, Annalisa succeeds in balancing the forms of nature and fashion and as a result she has become and acclaimed as “green stylist”.


Institutional, private or public. Trade fairs, theatres, restaurants or lounges. Whatever the context, an event is always a time for celebrating, sharing art or a new horizon or idea.

And to make these moments extra special, Flò combines interior design with the art of flower arranging to create unforgettable backdrops to suit any occasion.

At the debut of every new opera at the prestigious Opera House in Bologna, Flò’s artistic flair animates the foyer by interpreting the work’s music and drama with the language and symbols of nature.

Flò’s experience in set design is therefore ready to enhance and embellish any event by creating atmospheres that recount stories, interpret emotions and express ideas.

Weddings by

Every couple wants their wedding day to be like the first page in a fairy story.

That’s why Flò is ready to make this special day unique. By listening carefully and sharing ideas we build an intimate relationship with the happy couple or wedding planner that gives us the inspiration we need to perfect every tiny detail.

Thanks to its passion, skill and style, Flò’s team can decorate any space, from the church to the reception hall with the magic of flowers. This is the most important day of your life, and we do it absolutely unforgettable for everyone.

Colours, flowers, bouquets and gifts are all choices that will combine to make this union even more romantic and ensure your future is always lined with flowers.


Christmas is a time that everyone looks forward to.

Our customers decide when and where to celebrate and Flò arrives to weave its special magic!

From displays for large company dinners to families who want to celebrate at home and from public event installations and entire squares to our very own window displays.

Every year Flò will amaze you with a special heart-warming theme: a sea of flowers and glittering candles, a dramatic red and black Christmas or even a group of cuddly teddy bears gathered around a table.

Flò knows exactly how to decorate your Christmas tree, too, just like the one you dreamt of when you were a child.

Life By

Flò’s world is constantly evolving. We are a team of seven green-fingered garden aficionados who enjoy working hard every day to create unique experiences for the customers who visit us.

Flò takes its social commitments seriously too by organising ecological bike deliveries and using fresh and seasonal flowers from local nurseries. Flò also works together with the local authorities to regenerate neglected public areas and organizes workshops focused on the benefits, uses and care of plants and flowers.

Our recent change of home also means we have more space to dedicate to other artistic areas. So, we now have a refined collection of vintage furniture and objects carefully selected by Francesco Dal Bo as well as the creations of the artist Roberto Dapoto that inspire us to create a sense of refined harmony in all our projects.

And our activities don’t stop there! Flò also finds the time to take part in important events like the Milano Design Week and Maison&Objet. It also has a special place reserved every year at FloraCult in Rome.

The world of Flò was begun by Annalisa’s creative and pioneering spirit that sewed the seed of natural beauty and is now harvesting its fruit with the help of her team who, like her, are extremely sensitive to new lifestyles.


Flò’s splendid variety of floral boxes together with the special hat boxes are the result of Annalisa’s creative genius.

Specifically designed, they can be sent easily without being damaged, these boxes create a sense of wonder and surprise when opened, and are incredibly long-lasting if given a little love and a few drops of water.

Just like our bouquets, these flower arrangements are created with fine seasonal flowers combined with refined materials and plants and traditional craft items. Natural beauty and subtle harmony therefore come together in a gift that is both unique and intensely personal.

The exclusive Flo’ homeware line is another example of Annalisa’s research and endless passion. These refined stoneware and blown glass items are ideal for a wide range of purposes in the home, at work or in the garden.

Each and every Flò gift is a stylish expression of natural simplicity.